“Alien: Covenant” 4K Screencaptures + Blu-Ray Extras

Alien: Covenant was bursted out of shelves on DVD Blu-Ray and Digital on August 15th, 2017. The special features include theatrical trailers for the film, an audio commentary by Ridley Scott, nearly 18 minutes of footage from 12 Deleted and Extended Scenes, David’s illustrations from his time on Paradise, 5 Featurettes which were used throughout Covenant’s marletint; Meet Walter, Phobos, The Last Supper, The Crossing and Advent. There is also a special Master Class: Ridley Scott featurette which clocks in at nearly an hour.

Our gallery was updated with screencaptures in 4K from the movie and blu-ray extras.

KWOALIEN2017-0009.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0063.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0270.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0410.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0423.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0450.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0555.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0944.jpg KWOALIEN2017-0998.jpg KWOALIEN2017-1008.jpg KWOALIEN2017-1090.jpg KWOALIEN2017-1161.jpg

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