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Hello people! Welcome to Katherine Waterston Online (katherine-waterston.org), previously Katherine Waterston Brasil. Your source for everything Katherine Waterston. She is most known for her work as an actress in Harry Potter’s prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,  Alien: Covenant, Steve Jobs and more. We’ll see her in action again in The Current War and Logan Lucky, coming out in the next months. Make sure you keep checking our site for news, videos and images of Katherine’s work! Please, note that we’re still underconstruction and some pages are not avaliable yet but we hope to post everything as soon as possible.

A huge thanks to my friend Lais from jon-bernthal.org, who made our beautiful header.

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Written by Marilia

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  1. Just watched Alien Covenant and was completely struck by Ms Waterson’s beauty. Can’t believe that I haven’t seen her before

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